Mentorship Programs

Wendi Frank, O.T. (left) our
newest grad staff member with
Grayson Sadowski, O.T (right).
as her mentor. 

Therapists and assistants who have joined our team bring with them a wide array of talents and experiences.  Because fostering professional growth of new graduates or professionals re-entering the workforce is important to us, we have developed a mentorship program which provides guidance, support and encouragement. 

Through timely feedback and collaborative application of knowledge, our mentorship program promotes learning through shared experiences and healthy communication. 

Our entire team shows a commitment to the new team member by demonstrating a true interest in their professional development and personal growth.

"As a new grad, the mentorship program really helped me to make the transition from student to therapist and gave me the resources to be successful in my role. The program is well structured to gradually build up a caseload and provided hands on interaction and support. It really promoted a wonderful learning opportunity, and I can honestly say that my mentor, as well as the other members of Rehab1, really made me feel like a part of the Rehab1 team." - Wendi Frank, O.T.

"My clinical instructor truly taught with a wide knowledge base and her philosophy of physical therapy as a whole incorporated all aspects of patient care and practice, showing both compassion and intergrity for every patient and resident." - Lauren Papps (Widener PT student)