What We Offer

The natural cognitive and physical decline facing individuals is an everyday challenge. How well each person’s needs are recognized, anticipated and met will determine their overall well-being. Our team of therapists provides superior & compassionate therapy to individuals residing in senior communities. The daily presence of the Rehab1 team on-site affords the therapists numerous opportunities to interact with the entire community identifying their needs and providing support as well as a clear line of communication for residents, staff, and families. Our company name is derived from our therapy model:

Physical Therapy

  • Utilizing their expertise in balance and gait analysis to identify specific muscle and postural deficits, our physical therapists develop and implement a personalized program for maximal rehabilitation.
  • Relying on their keen observation skills in fall risk and balance loss, our physical therapists become an integral part of the community's Fall Prevention Program.  Because our therapists are at the facility every day, they are better able to pick up on small changes in a person's function before it results in a fall.
  • Gathering from their educational background and vast clinical experiences, our physical therapists are able to work closely with the Wellness staff to implement in-services that address staff, resident, family and community needs

Occupational Therapy

  • Utilizing their expertise in geriatric and dementia care, our occupational therapists work with compassion and consideration to help the residents build the confidence to implement strategies in reducing anxiety and in performing personal hygiene tasks.
  • Employing the use of adaptive equipment, our occupational therapists assess various devices in order to improve a resident's functional mobility and independence.  Because our therapist are in the facility daily and communicate frequently with everyone involved with the total care of the resident, many opportunities become available to educate the staff and family in the proper use of any recommended devices.
  • Coordinating the new resident move-in with an apartment inspection, when requested, will help minimize potential risk factors associated with falls as well as maximize optimum safety during this time of transition.  Our occupational therapists are highly skilled in the area of Environmental Assessment and are happy to help residents and their families with suggestions and solutions.

The Rehab Room
Our therapy rooms are designed with three people in mind: Patient, Therapist, and Community.
We have standardized our Rehab rooms to afford our therapists a wide variety of evaluation and treatment tools to best serve the needs of their clients.  Having a clean, well-organized environment allows the patient a comfortable place to rehabilitate and the therapists the optimum environment to maximize rehabilitation goals.  Having a therapy room to showcase, allows the facility extra opportunities to market their services and provide an early interaction between the therapy staff and potential residents.

Insurance Coverage for Services
Physical and occupational therapy services prescribed by a licensed physician and supported by an evaluation outlining attainable goals is covered by traditional Medicare. Generally one’s primary insurance covers 80 % of the approved fee with the remainder going to secondary insurance.  Other insurances such as BC/BS/Aetna will also cover therapy services.  We offer a self-pay option for those with HMO plans where the patients are unable to access their capitated site.

Professional Affiliations