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Referrals – Share. Collect. Repeat.

Collect Cash for your Connections.

Rehab1 is offering a referral bonus. Simply refer a friend to one of our open positions and collect when he/she is hired and completes 90-days with our company. We all know great therapists, now is your time to share those connections with us and get rewarded.

Rehab1, LLC is committed to providing 1:1 care to each person we treat. We are a passionate about making a difference through superior and compassionate therapy services. We recognize that it starts with talented staff who are committed to the principles of providing exceptional care.

What you need to know about Rehab1’s Cash for your connections

  • Complete the form and recruiting will take your lead to the next step.
  • When your connection is hired and has completed 90-days in good standing with Rehab1, you will get your pay as noted for each position that we are currently seeking
  • You are not limited to the number of connections that you share with us.

Our system for sharing connections is simple.


Share your connection with us on the form below. To be eligible for the cash bonus, you must submit all forms through the correct process.


If your shared connection is hired and is in good standing at his/her 90-day mark, then you will receive your bonus.


No need to stop sharing connections after just one, you are welcome to provide multiple connections to our recruiting staff. Time to cash in on your connections!

Share Your Connection

Please complete the form below to be eligible for cash bonus payout.

About Your Connection:

Connection's Name

About You

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Are you a Rehab1 employee?

Who Is Eligible?

  • Any Rehab1 employee – except for recruiters and management/executive team members.
  • Both the Rehab1 employee sharing the connection and that new employee must be employed by Rehab1 on the date of payout. And that new employee must have completed his/her 90-days in good standing.
  • Any other healthcare professionals who know of talented Speech Language Pathologists or Physical Therapists, are also encouraged to participate in our Cash for your Connections. You must use the link to complete the form provided for the referral to be eligible for cash bonus payout.

You must use the form provided for the referral to be eligible for cash bonus payout.

The following candidates are excluded from this process:

  • Current Rehab1 employees
  • Past Rehab1 employees in the last 12 months
  • Any candidate who is currently in the interview process
  • Any candidate referred before April 15, 2022.

If you and another person share the same contact information, we will go by the date in which the contact was received and that will be the person eligible for the compensation. We will notify you if this was to occur.