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Get to Know Rehab1

At Rehab1, we only focus on older patients—we are experts in their care and healing. We know geriatrics.

We partner with homecare companies who deliver Medicare Part A. Because of this partnership, we can handle the full continuum of patient care. Our other partnerships include physicians and senior care communities where we have established therapy rooms.

Are you ready to find out more about what better in-home and community therapy services can do for you, your loved one, or your residents?

Our Story

Rehab1 team standing infront of building

Nearly 15 years ago, our President Brian Hall started Rehab1 as an outpatient therapy practice. At the time, Brian was working for a much larger home care company and noticed that he and many of his clients were getting lost in the layers of a larger homecare corporation. Senior care communities and clients he was working with were not getting everything they needed from a therapy provider.

Brian felt compelled to start his own company to solve these issues.

Ever since, Rehab1 has succeeded in doing the right thing for our patients at all times by delivering the highest level of therapeutic care and supporting our community partners with better resident screening and more.

Today, Rehab1 provides a long list of therapy services to senior individuals in their homes and residents within local senior care communities. Whether it’s physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, or other clinical specialties, Rehab1 is a trusted partner for families and communities alike.

Why Choose Rehab1 as Your Therapy Partner?

It’s a given—we provide superior and compassionate therapy services to seniors throughout the region. But more than that, we strive to enhance and grow the communities where our therapists work.

A data-driven approach to resident assessments helps keep senior care community patients in place—and healthier—for as long as possible. And our commitment to clear and timely communication means that families always know what’s happening with their loved ones’ care.

Additionally, we assign a designated team of therapists to each community. You get to know us, and we know you! We believe that better communication yields better results—and we are all in this together!

Our Core Values

Core values are an integral part of Rehab1. We believe the only way to build a successful team is by having shared core values. We strive to demonstrate these values, not only in our daily work but throughout all of our business core processes and procedures.

Passion – We possess a passion for enhancing people’s lives.
Integrity – Our team demonstrates integrity in all we do.
Excellence – Employees strive for excellence in every aspect of our business.
Rapport – We develop understanding relationships based on trust and respect.
Team Player – Rehab1 works as a unified group to achieve success.

Our Mission: The Rehab1 Way

Our company name is derived from our therapy model, which is also our mission statement.

Rehab1… “Treating One Patient at a Time”

About Our Team

At Rehab1, extraordinary physical and occupational therapists work together using therapeutic techniques and modalities to improve their clients’ condition and make a positive impact on the quality of their lives. Whether in the senior care community setting here in our Southeastern and Central PA service area or the context of in-home therapy, our team is second to none.

Our therapists are supported by office staff and a compassionate leadership team who are equally committed to excellence and care about improving the lives of the seniors we serve.

From the Desk of Rehab1 President Brian D. Hall:

Brian Hall

As CEO and President of Rehab1, I am truly excited about how far our company has come since its inception in 2006. Working as a clinician in the homecare setting, I quickly realized the significant void in healthcare delivery to seniors, making them susceptible to falls, declining health, and threatening their long-term independence. With this realization came a desire to ensure that each person receives the services necessary to achieve their goals while enhancing their quality of life.

Desire turned into reality when the vision of Rehab1 took form. Our therapy model of providing one-on-one treatment to residents living in senior communities, coupled with the compassionate therapists who share my core value of enhancing people’s lives, has changed how therapy is being delivered to our seniors.

My focus was to provide an ideal working environment where therapists can maximize their skills while helping patients meet their functional goals, making everyone feel successful. I am very proud of our Rehab1 therapy room designed to maximize space and provide consistency from one community to the next.

Rehab1 would not have experienced its current growth without a great environment that fosters teamwork, mentorship, & clear communication among staff & families. As a leader, I recognize how vital a company’s health is to remain successful and profitable. With various avenues for team input, I strive to create an environment that encourages creativity, ingenuity, and contagious enthusiasm while appreciating and acknowledging the team’s efforts.

I am very fortunate and proud to have an outstanding office and therapy staff who believe in and support my vision for Rehab1. Without their collective efforts, my dream could never have become a reality, and I would not have had the opportunity to share my passion for enhancing the lives of those we touch with those who have become so close to me.

Brian D. Hall
President, Rehab1 LLC

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When you want to experience a better approach to outpatient therapy services—including a better conversion rate of referrals to new resident move-ins in your community, it’s time for Rehab1.

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Our Service Area in Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania

At Rehab1, we recognize the significance of providing better quality care to “treat one patient at a time.” Our team of experienced and compassionate therapists provides superior outpatient therapy services within care communities and individuals’ homes throughout West Chester, Media, Reading, York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Hershey, and Harrisburg, PA.

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