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Attention Medicare Part A Providers: Rehab1 is a Better Therapy Partner for You!

Rehab1 works harmoniously with many Part A companies in the senior living community and home settings to provide the highest quality outpatient therapy services. Maintaining these relationships is a major part of our day-to-day operations and allows us to provide consistently high-quality care for our clients. Ensuring that clients have the same group of therapists they want for each part of their therapy is the number one goal!

Better Community & In-Home Therapy Services for Our Patients

Whether in the home or within our campus-based senior care community therapy rooms throughout Southeastern and Central PA, our clinicians provide excellent care custom-tailored for each patient and guided by evidence-based practices and standards.

But that’s not all. Since 2006, we have succeeded at lightening the load for referring practitioners—including hospital systems—who trust us with their patients. Rehab1 aims to be part of your team in treating patients—our shared patients. Our passion is to take your proactive referral and create a positive outcome beyond expectations.

We Are In This Together

Elder person using wooden walking cane during rehabilitation in friendly hospital

Our tailored outpatient home healthcare service model provides therapy care and support. We also work in collaboration with area home health agencies to serve homebound patients. Rehab1 ensures reliable coverage, strong therapy programming, and outcome-driven clinical pathways to assure optimal reimbursement, excellent star ratings, and outcomes.

With our commitment to outcomes-based care, we take a progressive, quality-focused approach to each patient encounter. We provide our home health partners with timely tracking reports and electronic documentation.

How we PDGM for our contracted Medicare Part A Partners

As we work through the industry’s biggest change to reimbursement in 20 years, we want our Medicare Part A Partners to know that we are on top of it! Here are just a few of the ways we do it.

  • Timely Documentation: Let us help you with paperwork, so you have less to worry about!
  • Episodic Care Planning: We are dedicated to timely order management, utilization, and revenue cycle management.
  • Functional Status Collaboration: We can help with a scalable reporting process at the time of evaluation and in recertification and discharge.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Rehab1 uses a case conference reporting tool, LUPA mitigation tool, and pathways adherence tool.

The Right Team Makes All the Difference

At Rehab1, our outstanding recruitment team attracts highly qualified, skilled, and experienced therapists. We match therapists’ skills to each assignment through a careful placement process and seek regular feedback on performance and client service. Because of this, our employee retention rate is among the best in the business, positively attributing to our consistency of care.

Just a few of the advantages of our home health contracted partnerships include:

  • Our leadership team is comprised of therapy and clinical strategies professionals with extensive home health experience
  • We have thorough training and experience with implementation of PDGM for our Medicare Part A Partners
  • PDGM-aligned Clinical Pathways to Success assure outcomes and care efficiency—we also have expertise in and can support you with OASIS accuracy
  • Our fully staffed office is here to assist with scheduling, tracking, PRN staffing, and geographical assignment of patients
  • Minimization of overutilization of visits due to monitoring of patient’s program for customization
  • Case conference participation and care coordination
  • Assistance in functional scoring after evaluation to improve outcome measures
  • PTs and STs that perform Start of Care (SOC) visits

Ready to Discover All of the Advantages of Rehab1’s Home Health Contracted Partnerships? Get in Touch Today.

Our current partners and patients agree—we provide superior and compassionate therapy services to seniors throughout the region. Commitment to clear and timely communication is just one piece of the puzzle that means our care team partners always know what’s happening with our shared patients’ care. We genuinely believe that we are all in this together!

Want to experience a better approach to outpatient therapy services for your patients? Get in touch with us today to start the conversation about working with Rehab1!

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