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A Better Therapy Partner for Your Senior Care Community

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We understand that every Medicare Part B Outpatient Therapy Services Provider promises to help you address your ever-present challenges of bringing in new residents and keeping them healthy and part of your community for as long as possible. But is your current provider really supporting you?

Rehab1 is different. We’re uniquely dedicated to partnering with senior care communities like yours and providing “the entire package” you didn’t realize you were missing with your current outpatient therapy provider! Through our tried and true solutions, including comprehensive therapy services, better communications and resident assessments, and helping your community find “right fit” new residents in the first place, we truly support your community.

Does This Sound Like Your Community?

  • You’re located within the Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania areas of Reading, West Chester, Media, Lebanon, Hershey, Harrisburg, Lancaster, and York.
  • You’re excited to set up a better, full-service Therapy Room for your residents.
  • Your community is senior care-centered, but you also need to pay attention to profitability.
  • Your leadership and staff are short on time and don’t want a therapy provider anyone needs to babysit! In fact, you’d ultimately love a therapy provider who can help you solve problems instead of just taking up space in your community!
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The 3 Biggest Frustrations We Solve for Our Senior Living Partners


Referrals & New Move-Ins

Rehab1 strives to enhance and grow the communities where our therapists work with a proven lead generation program. We are an added value in attracting new residents and supporting existing ones.


Quality Care

As a result of our care and maintenance, your residents are healthier and less at risk of falling or being injured. This is good for the resident, and it’s good for the community.


Convenience & Communication

We make therapy services a seamless experience. Your residents don’t need to be transported to offsite therapy, and because our team is onsite, we develop a productive relationship with your team. You always know what is happening with our care!

Still Not Sure Why You Should Partner with Rehab1?

At Rehab1, our core focus is making a difference in people’s lives through superior and compassionate therapy services within senior care communities. That includes the lives of our valued residents, families and loved ones—and everyone involved with caregiving and leading within your community!

We leverage our network of homecare clients—both individuals and our Medicare Part A  home care agency partners—to bring qualified referrals into your community. This makes Rehab1 a higher value partner than many of our local and national competitors.

The Things We Do Better

  • We provide a professional, dedicated clinical team to each senior living community we partner with—you get to know us, and we get to know you!
  • We offer nothing but the best evidence-based, prescribed therapeutic intervention for physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, and so much more.
  • Full continuum programming is the name of the game—with interdisciplinary team meetings and staff training (in-service) available for you.
  • We can introduce dementia specialists and care to your community, as well as wellness and maintenance for your residents. Rehab1 does what others don’t.
  • Data-driven assessments inform our care, and we always share information with your team.

About Our Rehab1 Therapy Rooms

Our therapy rooms are designed with three key stakeholders in mind: Patient, Therapist, and Community.

We have standardized our rehab rooms to afford our therapists a wide variety of evaluation and treatment tools to best serve their clients’ needs. Having a clean, well-organized environment allows the patient a comfortable place to rehabilitate and gives therapists the optimum environment to maximize rehabilitation goals. Having a therapy room to showcase to prospective new residents also allows the community extra opportunities to market their services and provide an early interaction between the therapy staff and potential residents.

Creating Better Results—That’s Rehab1

Does your current therapy provider routinely put their needs ahead of your community’s needs and your residents’ wellness? At Rehab1, we always put the needs of the patient and community first. We are a supportive service and recognize that we are “a guest in your house.”

Making your staff’s job easier—and your residents’ lives better—is at the heart of everything we do. And this service-minded attitude helps us to get better results.

What Our Current Partners Are Saying…

At Rehab1, we recognize the significance of providing better quality care to senior care community residents. And our partner communities appreciate our integrity and dedication to our shared goals.

See what our partners have to say about our team of experienced and compassionate therapists providing superior outpatient therapy services throughout West Chester, Downingtown, Reading, York, Lancaster, Lebanon, Hershey, and Harrisburg, PA.

Read Our Partner Testimonials 

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